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Brigantia Learning Trust

How We Operate

Our experience, particularly when supporting weak and vulnerable schools, has shaped the way we operate our Trust, and how we sustain and drive school improvement.

Our thinking has also been informed by research that is rooted in best practice across the academy system. We have strong systems and processes which can be adopted in other schools quickly and effectively.

Our approach, therefore, even with ‘good’ partners, is to work tightly (adopting the same key systems and approaches) and deeply (drilling down to a level that exerts control and influence) in three key areas: standards, business management, and governance. Once effectiveness is secured, our instinct is then to work collaboratively to drive innovation and further improvement.

Our model of school improvement includes:

Bold leadership at every level as individuals and system-wide

Relentless drive for excellent standards throughout

Impact positively on the life chances for all

Guarantee to pupils/students to provide high quality teaching and learning

Accessibility for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and need

No barriers, no excuses to achieving success

Totally committed to recruit, retain, and develop outstanding and committed staff

Integrity and morally principled in placing the child at the heart of the Trust

Aspiration for all