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Brigantia Learning Trust

Admissions Process

Brigantia Learning Trust is the admissions authority for the academies.

 Applications for places at the Academy will be made in accordance with Sheffield Local Authority's coordinated admission arrangements and will be made on the Common Application Form and administered by the applicant's home Local Authority. 

Please visit the sites below to learn more about the process.  You should refer to the trust policy for the admission year and the council process for applying.


 Brigantia Learning Trust Admission Arrangements



 Outcome 25-26 Admission Arrangement Consultation 2nd October - 19th November 2023

Number of responses received: 0

Following the consultation and having received no responses the trustees have opted to move forward with the proposed changes to the admissions arrangements with no further amendments. We feel our proposed admissions arrangements are reflective of our community’s views at this time.  The new policy will be in place for the 25-26 admission year and will be published in due course.

Any stakeholder can go through the complaints policy if they are unhappy with the outcome of the consultation.